May 1,2004
See us at COMPUTEX TAIPEI Hall 1 Peripherals Area C717, C719

May 17,2004
CI-3540 Provides 4-Port SATA2 over PCI-X Bus, It Supports 3Gbps Transfer Rate, Port Multiplier, and Native Queuing Features.

May 17,2004
CI-59420, CI-59320, CI-82010, CI-82500 Provides RS-422/485 Solutions over PCI, USB, LAN Ports.

May 17,2004
CI-66126, CI-66123, CI-69126, CI-66100 Provides Complete Host LAN Solutions over CardBus and PCI Buses. Many more Combo Solutions Were Ready to Ship.

May 17,2004
CI-80523 5.25” Enclosures Supports USB2.0+1394a, SATA Different Interfaces and Combo Solutions as well.

May 14,2004
CI-80600 1394b FireWire800 Removable Rack Provides an Ideal Data Exchange Solution by Its Hot-Swap Features.

Sept. 19, 2003
CI-4600U2B Ultra2 SCSI CardBus PC Card from Centos was Released to Support NoteBook PC now. It is an ideal Solution to Connect many SCSI peripherals to your Notebook Computer thru the 32-bit CardBus(PCMCIA) Slot.
Aug. 19, 2003
CI-7530H2 2Gb Fibre Channel Host Adapter with Copper HSSDC2 Connector Available for Immediate Delivery.
May 15, 2003
Faster FireWire800 (1394b) Host Adapters: Centos CI-6500TF8 PCI Card and CI-6600TF8 CardBus PC Card Available for Immediate Delivery.
April 11, 2003
Complete SATA Host Adapters Available: Centos CI-3500R, CI-3520R, CI-3524 PCI Host Adapters Support Internal and External SATA Devices and RAID Features.
April 10, 2003
External SATA Storage Solution is Ready to Deliver: Centos releases the 3.5” (CI-80311, CI-80310) and 5.25” (CI-80411, CI-80410) SATA and Combo Enclosures with Hot-Plug Features.

March 5, 2003
Two models Serial ATA to Parallel ATA Adapters convert your SATA bus to Legacy PATA buses: CI-1421 for both Host and Devices. CI-1424 for PATA Device Only.

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